Industry experts delivering in-depth training on a wide range of subjects.

Our areas of operation:

  • Senegal
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  • Sierra Leone
  • Côte D’Ivoire
  • Ghana
  • Togo
  • Benin
  • Nigeria
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ARC provides a range of tailored training packages. We employ industry experts to deliver training on a variety of subjects.

Training can be designed to meet client requirements and delivered at any location around the world.

Our training also takes into account the human element. In most of our packages, the situations we are being trained to handle can have a psychological impact on people, and we try to address this so that our students are prepared mentally and physically for any situation.

Our training packages include

Maritime Security Training

Security is part of most people’s lives, as it is in shipping ever since the introduction of ISPS requirements. However, any plans or procedures are solely reliant on the people that are (or are not) enacting them. Furthermore, although safety training is obligatory (as it very much should be), security training is not. And yet, a crew equipped and trained to deal with maritime security threats of all types is a crew that is confident whilst going about their tasks on board, and can complete them efficiently and to the best of their ability.

Therefore, security training is a topic that should not be seen as an additional cost to the shipping industry, but as something that will increase efficiency aboard, give crews confidence in dealing with the threats, and ultimately could save the shipping industry money in countering the threats in a cost effective and early manner rather than hoping the worst does not happen, and then ultimately paying much more for it if it does (particularly in the case of stowaways, with costs reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars per case).

Our Maritime Security Training Courses encompass various physical threats encountered by the shipping industry as the vessels transit the globe: stowaways, local corruption and opportunistic robbery in ports. These are all problems that ship operators, P&I clubs, charterers and agents must deal with on a daily basis in some parts of the world.

Terrorism Awareness Training

In an increasingly unstable world, the threat of terrorism is very real. It is therefore important that businesses are more aware than ever to cope in event of an incident.

Our terrorism awareness courses are run by terrorism experts with years of experience in their fields.

The course covers all aspects of UK Government Guidance on dealing with terrorist threats and incidents.

Travel Risk Management Training

In a connected but increasingly unstable world where our personnel have to travel regularly, it is important for businesses to recognise their duty of care to their employees when travelling on company business to areas with increased threats.

This training is not solely focused on high-risk areas – there are numerous other low-level threats to be aware of when travelling, from robbery to more general cultural awareness. Good awareness will help to reduce risk to employees and personnel whilst increasing general safety to our staff.

Courses cover awareness, risk assessment, crisis response and evacuation management.

Other bespoke courses can be created to suit any requirements and our expert trainers can travel to any location globally to deliver these services.