ARC uses innovative methods of operation to deliver in-depth, fully licensed, accredited and insured services to organisations requiring security support and assistance in complex jurisdictions.

Our areas of operation:

  • Senegal
  • Guinea
  • Sierra Leone
  • Côte D’Ivoire
  • Ghana
  • Togo
  • Benin
  • Nigeria
  • Cameroon
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Gabon
  • São Tomé and Príncipe

ARC has successfully completed over 2,500 Maritime Security tasks in West Africa since 2012 – it is a key service offering.

ARC uses innovative methods of operation to deliver in-depth, fully licensed, accredited and insured services to organisations requiring security support and assistance in complex jurisdictions. ARC oversees this delivery ensuring services are professional and compliant with regional rules, regulations and laws.

Our focus is to align ourselves with the maritime industry, to understand and adapt in order to offer the services that the shipping sector needs.

Our Maritime Security services take into account the technical aspect of delivery, including industry Best Management Practices and the Operational delivery of physical security services, but also the Human Element, which includes training and psychological awareness for the crew to ensure they are equipped to deal with any eventuality, mentally and physically, through knowledge and understanding.

Our vast network includes contacts in government, military authorities and business leaders, as well as our numerous agreements and partnerships, allowing us to operate across borders, bringing an unrivalled depth of support.

We oversee your security requirements with full operational project management, liaison with local providers or militaries, tracking services and (should it be required) we can offer embedded risk managers for your operation.

Our services include

Embarked Security Teams

Embarked Security Teams have become a regular sight in the shipping industry over recent years. In conjunction with local militaries and authorities, ARC can arrange and manage the deployment of embarked security teams in multiple locations across West Africa including Nigeria, Togo and Benin. Legally mobilised, and with the support of the host nation Military Command, these teams provide at-point source of security to vessels operating in the Gulf of Guinea.

ARC will oversee these deployments from start to finish, ensuring peace of mind for clients engaging these services.

Our in-depth knowledge and years of experience mean we can foresee any complications before they become an issue, and we then react to ensure the most seamless service for the shipping sector.

These services can be complex to manage due to operating in nation’s coastal waters. ARC will advise and guide our clients on options available, allowing them to engage the type of service that suits their requirements, in line with their operation.

Embarked Security Advisors

ARC’s Security Advisers are maritime security experts, often ex-military. ARC Advisors are always selected based on suitability for a specific project. We understand that different projects require different personalities and skill sets, and we keep this at the forefront of our thinking to ensure the overall end service delivery is of the highest possible standard.

Local content is a vital aspect of our delivery. ARC trains and employs personnel from the countries in which we operate wherever possible, ensuring capacity building in those regions.

When embarked on client’s vessels ARC Advisors will advise the Master, train the crew, maintain watches and ensure that the vessel is fully hardened, as well as assist with the duties of any host nation militaries or authorities.

Our personnel also provide our project management capacity when operating on various Field Security Projects, ensuring plans are implemented and communications and reports are managed in line with the Field Security Plan.

Escort Vessels

Escort vessel services are predominantly utilised in Nigeria. ARC’s fleet of over 40 offshore vessels gives us the flexibility to support a wide variety of tasks across the Nigerian Maritime Domain. ARC can arrange spot escorts for ships calling at Nigerian Ports or offshore terminals, as well as offer full field security solutions. We tailor all of our services to give the most efficient and cost-effective solution to our clients. Operating as an in-country extension of our clients, we identify a variety of workable options and allow our clients to make informed decisions before we implement the plan on their behalf, overseeing the evolution from inception to completion.

Mobilising from Lagos, Warri, Port Harcourt and Calabar, escort vessels provide excellent security to those clients calling at Southern ports and offshore terminals in Nigeria, as well as ports further up-river such as Koko. Manned by local crews with excellent knowledge of the Nigerian waterways, and with a team of Nigerian Navy personnel to provide an armed response, the escort vessel will ensure the security of your vessel up to 200 nm offshore.

Escort vessels are also available in Benin, Togo and other West African countries as required.

Security Surveys

ARC can mobilise to any port worldwide to provide security surveys to vessels and port facilities. With a breadth of experience in ISPS, maritime security and anti-terrorism procedures, and covering all the global hotspots of piracy, ARC will tailor the survey to the threats of that particular region, ensuring that it remains relevant and that our clients get full value for their money. A full written report will be submitted following engagement, allowing our clients to enhance processes and procedures based on concise recommendations.

Stowaway Search Services

From training crews on search techniques to the management of stowaways if found, and the process of legal disembarkation, ARC has assisted multiple clients with their stowaway services.

Stowaway searches are a complex evolution that should be conducted with the full support of the Master and Crew, in line with the Ship Security Plan. The use of poorly trained personnel or dogs which have not been highly trained in “Person Search” offers little in the way of assurance against the possibility of a stowaway being onboard, and if subsequently found can bring a variety of problems to a vessel owner or manager.

If ARC is engaged to provide stowaway searches in line with our procedures, we take the liability if a stowaway is subsequently discovered within 24-hrs and before calling at any other anchorage or port. In this instance the vessel may return to the last port and ARC will repatriate the stowaway at our cost.

Stowaways are one of the oldest problems in all transport infrastructures, and with the current migration patterns caused by conflicts and environmental problems, it sees no sign of improving in the near future. Despite attempts by some local port and maritime authorities, such as recently enacted in Ghana and Ivory Coast, it continues to cost the shipping industry millions of dollars every year – not just in repatriation and immigration fees, but also in damage to vessels and cargo where stowaways have hidden on board. An understanding of what makes a vessel an attractive prospect for a stowaway will immediately reduce the chances of unauthorised access. The steps taken to make it “unattractive” will also have the effect of reducing the chance of robbery whilst in port; a visibly alert crew, good hardening and well-run watch schedules.