ARC personnel have successfully completed over 5,000 Maritime Security tasks in West Africa, Gulf of Aden and other High Risk Areas since 2012 – it is a key service offering.

Escort Vessels

ARC’s vetted fleet of over 40 offshore vessels gives us the flexibility to support a wide variety of tasks across the Nigerian maritime domain.

ARC can arrange escorts for ships calling at Nigerian Ports and offshore terminals, as well as offer full field security solutions for long term offshore projects 


Embarked Advisors

ARC Advisors are always selected based on suitability for a specific project.

We understand that different projects require different personalities and skill sets, and we keep this at the forefront of our thinking to ensure the overall end service delivery is of the highest possible standard.

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Embarked Security Teams

 In conjunction with local militaries and authorities, ARC can arrange and manage the deployment of embarked security teams in multiple locations across West Africa including Nigeria, Togo and Benin. Legally mobilised, and with the support of the host nation Military Command, these teams provide at-point source of security to vessels operating in the Gulf of Guinea.

Stowaway Search Services

 From training crews on search techniques to the management of stowaways if found, and the process of legal disembarkation, ARC has assisted multiple clients with their stowaway services.

Our vast network includes contacts in government, military authorities and business leaders, as well as our numerous agreements and partnerships, allowing us to operate across borders, bringing an unrivalled depth of support.