ARC Weekly Report 19.6.19

The Weekly Report covers West Africa maritime security incidents, recent trends in maritime security in West Africa, Niger Delta militancy and ongoing issues in West Africa that affect shipping.

The maritime security industry has had an exciting few days following very concerning events in the Persian Gulf. However, on the western side of the African continent, it has once again been relatively quiet. Rather than a reduction in piracy incidents due to local or international efforts however, this is line with patterns of activity in previous years, and will likely pick up again at the end of August and into September.

Despite this difference between the Gulf of Guinea and the Middle East in terms of global attention, there has been an increase in focus on the west coast of Africa following a meeting at the IMO and even a BBC article on piracy in the region ( . Hopefully this will lead to increased action in the area against piracy and armed robbery – at the moment however organisations are only making noises, and only some of those are the right ones.

Of particular interest this week are the following events:

  • Possible kidnap for ransom incident against a merchant vessel in Calabar river.
  • A leading cultist and oil bunkerer killed by Nigerian military personnel in the Niger Delta region following an attack on a pipeline by militants.

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