Decades of experience in Africa and our knowledge of business operations in this challenging environment places us as leaders in our field.

Our services include:

  • Operational Support
  • Training
  • Consultancy

Africa Risk Compliance Limited (ARC) is a Management and Support Company comprised of Africa experts.

Decades of experience in Africa coupled with our knowledge of business operations in this challenging environment places us as leaders in our field. With roots in the security sector, ARC staff have delivered over 2500 successful maritime security taskings in West Africa since 2012.

ARC was established to address some of the challenges faced by those operating in Africa. By aligning our focus with our maritime clients we are able to offer the shipping industry’s required services at the very highest level of compliance. We operate as a direct extension of our client’s organisation in the country in which we are engaged, reducing and removing risk and liabilities. Our vast network and agreements extend across borders, allowing us to deliver innovative methods of operation and unrivalled in-depth support.

A clear strength and a key offering in ARC’s service is our management and arrangement of security in the often complex jurisdictions of the nations around the Gulf of Guinea. As an open and honest extension of their business in Africa, we provide trust, knowledge, and experience.

ARC has developed business offerings that go far beyond basic security. Our depth of knowledge and experience in West Africa means that our clients can rest assured that their assets and people are safe when ARC are engaged. We offer impartial, transparent advice that is in line with client’s needs and budgets, avoiding over complicated solutions. By presenting the options available, we allow our clients to make the necessary informed decisions. Simply put, ARC becomes a natural extension to every client – a trusted point of contact on behalf of the maritime sector.

Additionally, ARC monitors local situations to ensure we remain forewarned of regional developments that may affect our client operations. From immigration to marine equipment procurement, ARC have always been positioned to support our client’s needs.

ARC is fully accredited and insured to deliver a range of services in Africa. We are also an active member of Intermanager and regularly speak at industry events and conferences.

Our people

Our people are selected based on their experience of living and working in Africa. All are considered experts in their fields and have strong operational and commercial backgrounds.

This depth of knowledge and experience of operating in challenging and complex parts of Africa has lead to us advising and guiding many international associations and bodies, helping shape policy and procedures in the industries in which we operate.

Not content to settle for a basic service, we continuously develop our knowledge to ensure we are positioned to offer the clearest in-depth support with the utmost integrity, ensuring our clients can focus on their business and trust in our information to make the very best decisions.

Our staff stem from a wide variety of backgrounds, including commercial, military, academic, international relations, supply chain management and shipping.

At ARC, we recognise the positive effect that employing the best people has on our partners and our clients. We look for individuals whose character aligns with our company values, thereby complementing the brand with the understanding that the relationships we build have a naturally positive effect on service delivery.

We understand the cultures and personalities of our partners, allowing us to work productively and taking their needs into account to deliver the best services.

All our personnel are fully trained in the tasks they support, and regularly attend and present at industry events, further cementing their expertise in the industry.

Our values


ARC is a company established solely to support our clients operationally in complex regions, and for this reason, we will always aim to give an honest and clear picture with as much detail as possible in all situations, allowing our clients to make decisions early, based on trustworthy information.

Clients have often stated that they appreciate being given the full picture, whether good or bad, allowing them to plan, and we agree.

Integrity is vital to build trust, and this equally applies to our staff and externally to our clients and suppliers.

ARC’s ability to operate in difficult environments with demanding industries ensures that trust is built throughout the supply chain, from client to provider, and the need to maintain our integrity guides us in the decisions we make to ensure our clients are safe, risk and liability is removed or reduced and that they receive the best possible service.

This integrity ensures that ARC offer market leading services and are the security provider of choice.


This is one of our main values and is defined as “The performance of more than is required by duty and obligation”. At every turn, we aim to give our clients and potential customers the most detailed information going above and beyond expectations.

We realise that merely following a process is not enough in our line of work, and we ensure that everything is accounted for and that risks are identified and resolved early before they affect our clients. We go the extra mile for our clients, and consider the minimal as not enough.

This benefits those we work with as we consistently deliver more than is expected and it has been stated by our clients that we provide excellent support and in-depth information that has cemented our position as the “go-to” company in complex regions of Africa.


Professionalism is something that is often taken for granted and in industry we expect that those delivering a service will do it professionally. We feel that a professional service can only be delivered when the highest level of knowledge underpins it. For this reason ARC employs expert personnel across all sectors in which we operate. We ensure we have the most in-depth understanding of our services, the countries in which we operate, the latest situation and apply a structured service with additional redundancy to ensure that even in the most challenging situations, our clients receive the service requested.

At ARC we continuously strive to deliver an improved level of service. We engage only with parties who hold that same mindset, and therefore our suppliers must meet our requirements.

Furthermore, in the event of security incidents, ARC is a calm, highly experienced and well-connected provider who offers strong support and assistance in the country, working to ensure that issues are resolved quickly and appropriately. ARC has assisted numerous clients in the shipping sector with issues faced in West Africa and is currently on the expert database for UK P&I Club.

Esprit De Corps

Teamwork is at the forefront of our business. We understand that a strong, knowledgeable and efficient team delivers greater results to our clients.

As an organisation, we feel teamwork extends to our modus operandi of working as a part of our client’s team and also down to our suppliers and partners.

Teamwork is a vital component to successful delivery and that feeling of belonging ensures that when something above and beyond is required, we go that extra mile to deliver for the team as a whole.

Demonstrated by our capacity to maintain belief in our organisation and its goals, particularly in the face of opposition or hardship. ARC’s experienced team is a tightly knit group of professionals who are brought together in the belief that excellent service underpinned by professional relationships with clients and suppliers ensures that all parties benefit.