With a professional background rooted in security, ARC initially offered a range of security services. Due to client requests and recognising the demand and need, the company has quickly evolved to offer other ancillary services through our long-standing network such as agency services, logistics and support, vessel brokerage and supply, equipment procurement, underwater services and in country support.

All of the services provided by ARC are fully insured, legal and compliant to ensure risk and liability are taken away from our clients and they have peace of mind to focus on their business.


By aligning our focus with our maritime clients we are able to offer the shipping industry’s required services at the very highest level of compliance. We operate as a direct extension of our client’s organisation in the country in which we are engaged, reducing and removing risk and liabilities.


A clear strength and a key offering in ARC’s service is our management and arrangement of security in the often complex jurisdictions of the nations around the Gulf of Guinea. As an open and honest extension of their business in Africa, we provide trust, knowledge, and experience.

At the heart of our delivery is our determination to be an extension of our clients and a trusted point of contact on behalf of those operating in West Africa, offering impartial and transparent advice in line with clients' needs and budgets. 

We provide the options available, allowing our clients to make informed and, most importantly, the correct decisions.